Friday, August 8, 2008

Luke James and the Firewater Band

OK - so this weekend's amazing line up continues tonight with local favorites Luke James and the Firewater band.

They describe themselves as playing "...a scorching fusion of reggae bounce, soul sensiblity, hip hop delivery and punk rock energy. They are simply the most exciting original band on Cape Cod."

And from the promo for their excellent album, Absolutely:

"Luke James has been writing songs pretty much since he could talk. He spent a few years making beats and producing local rappers on the Cape, while secretly writing his own songs. When he finally got the nerve to sing them at a local open mic the response blew him away. Before he knew it he was playing shows and recording with a band he put together. After the first line up broke up Luke focused on keeping his music out there by selling a compilation CD of him and other local artists and performing solo, the way he started. It was only a matter of time before he found himself again surrounded by insanely talented musicians and playing in a band again. This album is the product. They are a Cape Cod based band that plays in Boston and the surrounding areas but looking to expand around the world. Enjoy."
Come on down tonight - Show starts about 9:30pm. There is a $5. cover at the door.

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