Friday, August 1, 2008

The Ramblin' Souls TONIGHT!

Is it really August already?! Hard to believe the summer is flying by... There is always great music to be heard at Grumpy's, but this next week is really exceptional. Starting things off tonight, we have a great band from Boston playing their first gig at Grumpy's. The Ramblin' Souls were recommended to us by our good friends (waving to John and Denise! ) from Quincy. Click on the post title whichs links to their myspace page to listen to a few songs. Here is how they describe themselves:

Blue-collar blues and railroad Rock n Roll are what the Ramblin' Souls are all about. Their wide range of musical influences include: Americana, Old School Blues, Country, 50s & 60s Rock n Roll, a little Grateful Dead, and a healthy dose of Chuck Berry. It is this influential melting-pot that makes them a rare band on the Boston scene. The Souls' tight, live sound and high energy shows keeps their fans hungry enough to come out week after week and tear up the dance floor. Look out for the Ramblin' Souls as they roll through your town.

Tomorrow night: George Gritzbach

Thursday, 8/7: Spiritual Rez (This is going to be a kick ass show!)

Friday, 8/8: Local Fave Luke James and the Firewater Band.

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